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2009-01-25: Deadline exception

A new branch of the exceptions package (branch dlexception on the CVS) has been created, with an experimental implementation of a timing constraints violation exception that is automatically thrown by the framework. For details, check out the syntax tour and/or the dlexception CVS branch.

2009-01-24: Exceptions for C Package

The package with macros for C exceptions recently added to OML has been released within a separate package, as it does not have dependencies with any other parts of the libary, as of now. Check out the downloads section in the SourceForge Area.

2009-01-16: Exceptions for the C language

OML now includes a framework for exception management for the C language. It has a syntax that resembles as much as possible the C++ try ... catch construct. Please, check out the oml_exceptions/oml_exceptions.h header file from the current CVS repository for details.

2007-03-06: Syntax quick tour update.

The syntax quick tour page has been split into an entire site subsection with a page dedicated to each OML type. Due to the lack of time, the test cases for the various data types and operations have been reused as quick tour of the syntax for the types and operations they test. The good news is that, as the test cases will always be tested for compilation and correctness for each OML release, the syntax quick tour will consequently contain up-to-date and correct information.

2007-02-13: New find algorithm added.

A find algorithm has been added on the CVS to the framework for containers supports linear-time search through forward iterators. Makefile scripting with Perl regular expressions is the base to instantiate the generic algorithm(s) to all of the appliable containers. Ordered containers will provide a specialized, optimized implementation.

2007-01-23: New list, vstack and lstack types available from CVS.

A list container has been added to OML, along with a forward iterator. A new list-based stack container, implementing the standard LIFO policy, has been added to OML, so that now we have both a vector-based stack and a list-based one. Check out the CVS.

2007-01-22: New vector and stack types available from CVS.

A vector container has been added to OML, along with forward and backward iterators, and with a random access functionality. A vector-based stack implementation has been added as well. Check out the CVS. Also, a quick syntax tour is available from the documentation pages.

2007-01-21: OML Website just created.

The OML website has just been created, with a design identical to the AQuoSA project. I hope to find the time to customize it, one day.

2007-01-20: OML CVS Repository created.

The SourceForge CVS repository was just populated with a few code sketches highlighting what is going to be the roadmap in development of OML components.

2007-01-17: OML project just born.

The Open Macro Library project was just registered on SourceForge.

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